Live Nashville: A Quality of Life Agenda for ALL Nashvillians

John Ray Clemmons is committed to creating an equitable vision for Nashville’s future. One that will protect the character of our neighborhoods and empower residents. No issue can be solved in a silo, but instead requires a holistic approach.  Working together, we can build a better Nashville - a Nashville that prioritizes the well being of its people through a budget that reflects our values. A Clemmons Administration, guided by our core values, will improve the quality of life of all Nashvillians.

Core Values

  • Craft Metro policies to ensure equity, create opportunity, and demand justice;
  • Ensure that Nashville remains a welcoming city that embraces diversity;
  • Protect the character of our neighborhoods and what makes Nashville, Nashville; and
  • Operate with transparency and accountability.

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Streamline government services and create efficiencies where possible to conserve resources and reduce any wasteful spending;
  • Responsibly pay down our city’s debt;
  • Establish clear budgetary priorities and work to ensure that collected tax revenues are appropriately used to fund those priorities;
  • Require commercial developers to pay their fair share for the additional burdens they place on our infrastructure systems, both above and below ground;
  • Identify new revenue streams and public-private partnerships to address budgetary needs;
  • Create a model and expectation of good corporate citizenship for any company relocating to or doing business in our city; and
  • Protect Metro assets, rather than sell them off to fill one-time budgetary gaps.  


  • Public Education is Priority One: Fully fund our public schools, support our educators, and provide every child an opportunity to succeed;
  • Build a strong working partnership with MNPS to achieve our vision of becoming the fastest improving school district in the country;
  • Increase affordable housing options across the entire city to create more stability for families and provide an opportunity to build financial equity and improve credit;
  • Address our city and region’s worsening traffic challenges and lead collaborative city-wide and regional efforts to build consensus and a 21st-century transit system;
  • Support our first responders to provide residents peace of mind and improve public safety;
  • Start work on addressing the serious water infrastructure needs of our city;
  • Ensure access to diverse employment options, quality health care providers, and reliable mass transit;
  • Work towards achieving our goal of creating a carbon-neutral city by cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 80-100% by 2050 or sooner;  
  • Improve emergency systems and community preparedness; and
  • Raise the minimum wage to $15/hr for all Metro employees.

Strong Neighborhoods

  • Revitalize and strengthen the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhoods (the “MOON”);
  • The MOON will be designed to level the playing field by providing neighborhood residents the assistance, guidance, and resources they need to navigate the planning process and have a voice in what happens in their neighborhoods;
  • Protect the character of neighborhoods by remaining engaged with the residents and small businesses who make our community special; and
  • Ensure that neighborhoods are represented on relevant boards and commissions throughout Metro.


  • Work closely with members of the Metro Council and neighborhood association leaders to address the unique challenges in each part of our community;
  • Streamline efforts and improve working relationships and coordination with non-profit and faith-based organizations to better facilitate and support their missions to help our youth, address homelessness, build affordable housing, and improve educational performance;
  • Lean on corporate citizens and residents alike to help achieve our goals of improving our environment and building a carbon-neutral city;
  • Show our small businesses the deference that we currently show large corporations.