Nashville can be prepared for the opportunities ahead by investing in our neighborhoods. Every resident deserves a mayor who will listen and protect the character of their neighborhood while building a vision that allows every community to thrive. Nashville is a 21st-century city using 20th-century infrastructure. We must fix our crumbling roads, increase access to sidewalks, update our stormwater systems, and fix our flooding issues. 


Nashville’s future rests on the quality of our schools, and the Mayor’s Office should be a strong partner with MNPS to ensure that students, parents, and educators receive the support they need to be successful. John Ray Clemmons believes in quality pre-k programs, before and after school care, and ensuring that high-tech training is available to all students regardless of their zip code. Committed to listening to teachers and fully-funding our public schools, John Ray Clemmons is the best partner for MNPS.

Affordable Housing

Nashville is in an affordable housing crisis - right now. In six years, our city will have a shortage of 31,000 units for low-income families. In addition, our educators, first responders, and Metro city workers are being priced out of Davidson County. They deserve to call Nashville home too. No neighborhood should be off limits to anyone in this city. John Ray Clemmons believes that homeownership should be attainable and future development must be thoughtful, sustainable, and inclusive.



We cannot wait to address the traffic issues in Nashville. Every minute in traffic is less time with our families or doing the things we love. We must invest in short-term innovative solutions and technologies to alleviate traffic now and work with stakeholders to develop a long-term regional transit strategy. A regional consensus is essential to address our transit challenges and to prepare Nashville to lead on this issue in the years ahead.

Public Safety

Every resident deserves to feel safe in their home and neighborhood. As Nashville grows we must focus on building a strong sense of partnership between our public safety agencies and the community. We must support our first responders with the resources they need to be successful. John Ray Clemmons believes that the mayor’s office and our public safety agencies must collaborate with community leaders to develop policies and strategies that reduce crime by improving relationships, community engagement, and fostering cooperation, especially in communities and neighborhoods disproportionately impacted by crime.

Metro's Budget

John Ray Clemmons believes that our values should be reflected in our city’s budget. Nashville needs a mayor who is fiscally responsible and willing to invest in the priorities that aim to improve the quality of life for all residents. We must focus on our neighborhoods and address the issues that will hinder our growth in the future such as traffic, flooding, and infrastructure both above and below ground.

Nashville must stop creating debt, and instead identify new sources of revenue to fully fund our public schools, address our affordable housing crisis, and ensure that our city workers, teachers, and first responders can afford to call Nashville home. As mayor, John Ray Clemmons will lead Nashville to the opportunities of the future while preparing for the headwinds that will eventually come.