We must ensure that we are investing in every neighborhood, not just a select few. Nashville’s infrastructure must be upgraded to the 21st Century, by fixing our crumbling roads and sidewalks, updating our water systems, and addressing flooding issues. We need a vision not just for the next 4 years of growth, but for the next 40 years -- a vision that allows every neighborhood to grow and prosper, while still retaining its unique character.


We must fully fund Metro Nashville Public Schools, listen to teachers, and ensure that their pay is competitive. Nashville’s future rests on the quality of our schools, and we must support our parents, students, and teachers with the resources they need to be successful. Quality pre-k programs, before and after school care, and high-tech training should be available to all students regardless of their zip code. We must keep our promises to our teachers and provide them with the salary increases they deserve.


Affordable Housing

No neighborhood should be cut off from any family. We must finally address our affordable housing crisis so that working families are able to live in the city where they work. We must ensure city employees, teachers, nurses, and first responders must be able to call Nashville home too. Homeownership must be obtainable and future development should be thoughtful and inclusive.



Every minute we spend in traffic is less time we have with our families or doing the things we love. We must implement short-term innovative solutions now, and then work with stakeholders to develop a long-term regional transit strategy that will benefit all who live, work, or travel in our metropolitan area. We must build consensus regionally to address our transit challenges while preparing Nashville to lead on this issue in the years ahead.

Public Safety

Every resident deserves to feel safe in their home and neighborhood. We must address the root causes of crime in our city, and invest more in youth outreach and violence prevention. We must prioritize community policing initiatives in every neighborhood, and ensure that our first responders receive competitive salaries that will allow them to live in the city where they work.