A Neighborhood Focus
Amplifying the Voices of Nashvillians

The people, schools, and small businesses that make up our neighborhoods define the character of our city. In a time of unprecedented prosperity, it’s important for the Mayor’s Office to empower residents and ensure they have a voice in how their neighborhood develops. We need a vision for sustainable and equitable growth so that we can improve the quality of life of all working families. 

Strengthen the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhoods 
As Mayor, I will revitalize and reimagine the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhoods to provide residents with a better understanding of planning, codes, and other relevant procedures. The Office of Neighborhoods will also be assigned an attorney within Metro Legal who may provide opinions to neighborhood associations upon request. The goal of the office will be to increase the number of organized community groups, amplify the voices of residents, level the playing field between neighborhoods and developers, and foster transparency and accountability by facilitating greater community engagement with the Mayor’s Office. This also includes educating residents about master community plans so that they can give informed feedback on the direction of their neighborhoods.

Preserve Our History
For too long, neighborhood character has been at the expense of growth and development. We need to preserve our historic buildings and structures, instead of defaulting to demolition. I will work to integrate the historic commission into the planning commission and hire a professional Preservation Planner to address special-project zoning requests and ensure that developers aren’t manipulating the system. 

Reduce Short Term Rental Disruption
The rapid increase of short-term rental properties has turned into a quality of life issue for residents and directly impacts the character of our neighborhoods. While STRPs provide residents with supplemental income, we’ve seen little to no enforcement of the current regulations. STRPs are also shown to increase housing prices, and thus further exacerbate our affordable housing crisis. I support the separate classifications of STRP’s with respect to owner-occupied and non-owner-occupied, and permits should be capped and ordinances must be enforced. We need to expand Codes and Planning to be able to properly enforce STRPs so that bad actors can be held accountable.

This is a working document based on feedback from thousands of residents across Nashville. Have an idea? Contact us at info@johnrayclemmons.com.