Ensuring Fiscal Responsibility

The Metro budget is more than just numbers on a spreadsheet — it’s an accord between elected officials and residents that demonstrates our city’s priorities. As we work to fully fund public education, pay educators and Metro workers a living wage, invest in our infrastructure, and address the affordable housing crisis, we need to be fiscally responsible with our tax dollars, develop dedicated revenue streams, and streamline Metro departments to increase efficiency and find savings. As mayor, I will focus on our neighborhoods, reducing Nashville’s debt, and identifying new sources of revenue to move Nashville into the future

Developers Should Pay Their Fair Share
The current administration has continued to put the wants of developers and corporations over the needs of residents. To be both fiscally and morally responsible, Metro needs to make sure that developers pay their fair share through impact fees and road closure fees, and that we close loopholes that allow developers to not contribute to key city services. Regarding incentives, Metro needs to start negotiating from a place of strength and stop chipping away at our city’s property tax base. Property taxes are the most important piece of revenue for funding our schools and public safety agencies, and we need to stop taking long-term risks for the appearance of short-term gains. 

Invest in Metro
Fiscal responsibility includes investing in Metro services so that residents can fully benefit from our current revenue streams. That means standing against plans to privatize departments, namely our city’s parking system which would amount to a corporate giveaway of tens of millions of dollars. Public-private partnerships do have a place in our city, but only if they are indeed partnerships. Our default action should be to always keep Metro services public so that we can ensure accountability for the taxpayers of Davidson County. We should also be mindful of the properly leverage the funds and equity we have with private development, such as through the RAD program to pay for affordable housing and additional green spaces.

This is a working document based on feedback from thousands of residents across Nashville. Have an idea? Contact us at info@johnrayclemmons.com.